rgb to hex color converter.

hex to rgb converter

What Does This RGB to Hex Converter Do?

Our RGB to Hex converter transforms color values from Red, Green, and Blue (each ranging from 0 to 255) into a hexadecimal string. This hex code can be seamlessly used in HTML or CSS to define colors. Photo editing applications typically display colors in RGB format, so if you want to match those colors on your web pages, you’ll need their hexadecimal equivalents. Our converter makes this process simple and efficient.

Convert a Hex Value to RGB

Have you encountered a hex code on a website and wish to use that exact color in your photo editing software? You’ll need the RGB values if your software doesn’t support hex codes directly. Our tool can quickly convert hex codes to RGB values for your convenience.

How to Convert RGB to Hex

The easy way is to use our tool here. Want to know how to do it the hard way? Here is how to calculate RGB to hex manually: 

Given RGB values, where all 3 values are 0-255 (0, 0, 0 being black and 255, 255, 255 being white), you can use this equation: R/16 = x + y/16. G/16 = x’ + y’/16. B/16 = x” + y”/16.

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