How Digital Marketing Alleviates Labor Challenges for Manufacturers

After years of staffing challenges and shortages, it’s time for many manufacturers to take a new approach to attracting talent. While many companies face a lack of skilled labor and rising costs of fruitless recruiting efforts, you can stand out in the marketplace by shifting some of your investment into digital marketing. It’s time to start meeting your potential employees where they are: online.


Digital marketing is the partnership you need to solve the labor and talent problems you’ve endured since the beginning of the covid pandemic and saw coming for years before that. 


How can digital marketing help? 

  • Showcasing positive branding and bringing awareness to your potential labor pool
  • Creating social media presence to meet your labor pool where they are
  • Increasing recruitment productivity with online job listings and referral programs
  • Utilizing analytics to better understand ideal candidates and target advertising accordingly


Branding and Awareness


As you know, branding helps to create a strong presence in the marketplace. For manufacturers, traditionally this marketplace is local – at least when it comes to staffing and labor. But job seekers are looking for jobs online. Having an appealing online brand and website will allow job seekers to learn about your company as well as the roles you’re looking to fill. 


Improving your online brand image and optimizing your website for searchability will spread awareness of your brand to all sorts of stakeholders – potential employees, vendors, and customers. Digital marketing will expand your reach and brand awareness to open up opportunities for your company.

Analytics and Targeted Advertising

Utilization of powerful data analytics tools means we can develop a digital marketing strategy that is efficient and effective at finding and targeting your ideal labor candidates. We will combine local and national market data with specific company or industry information to make sure that your brand reaches your target audience in all of the right places online. 


Our analytics capabilities will highlight the cross-section of where your products and processes overlap with key labor pool desires. This could mean that you’re reaching that engineering student who is looking for a fascinating career designing your future products. Or help emphasize the career growth potential at your company for a candidate who loves solving technical problems. 

Social Media


A social media presence is one of the most direct ways of interacting with your ideal labor candidates. 72% of US adults report using at least one social media platform. Social Organica will optimize your social media strategy to not only spread awareness of your brand, but develop your brand voice and share your company culture. 


These tactics along with analysis and strategic planning means digital marketing can target your ideal candidates where they already are. Let us take the guesswork out of what to say, where to say it, and when it will be seen the most. 


Online Recruitment


There are countless job board sites out there, but a strategic digital marketing approach to online recruitment will help your company be seen through the weeds by job seekers. Online Job Listings on your optimized website are easily searchable by seekers looking online – so your job openings will be seen by a larger pool of candidates. We’ll work with your vision to make your recruitment strategy productive and efficient – from listings that jump to the top of candidate lists to helping to socialize employee referral programs – the possibilities abound. 


Strategically partnering with Social Organica to enhance your recruiting efforts and alleviate labor challenges is the boost your process needs to go from shortage to fully staffed. And the added benefit of cost savings in recruiting and retention further improves the ROI on switching on digital marketing. If your company is struggling with labor, reach out to us today! Let’s partner together!

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